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-Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self- The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga to me is a way of getting to know yourself. Learn to notice your patterns, emotional, physical and cognitive. Learn how they interact, if and when they do. Learn to stretch your limits, let go of the stories you keep on repeat about yourself and the world around you. It is about finding freedom through developing your consciousness. To be really awake and alive for all of it, positive and negative. It is to know harmony, peace and happiness not only when the sun is shining and life is great. It is moving out of being stuck in your head and reconnect to your body. Our bodies are so smart, they have so much to tell us and we need to learn to listen better. That is what yoga practice can do for us. Teach us to listen to ourselves, to our intuition and dare to live that everyday of our lives. Yoga helps us to understand ourselves as whole beings. It helps us to see that everything is interrelated in a perfect system- our physical health, emotional health, our thoughts and external circumstances, the world and the universe around us all affect each other. 

I love to get inspiration from all the amazing teachers and different yoga styles out there. My aim is to create classes that challenge your body and maybe even more so challenge the idea of what your body can and cannot do. I hope I can guide you to feel and be present in your body, play, and let go of trying to be perfect, stop trying to control the uncontrollable and simply learn to be you-what ever that might mean in a certain moment. I hope to have you leaving my class feeling alive and having learned something. Even if it is something you already knew, many times re-learning is a thing.

W H A T & W H E R E

Vinyasa Yoga
Mondays 12.00-13.00

@  – Göteborg

Hot Vinyasa 
Tuesdays 17.00-18.00

@ Hagabadet Haga

Vinyasa Yoga
Tusedays  19.00-20.15

@  – Göteborg

Hot Hatha 
Saturdays 09.45-11.00

Power Vinyasa 
Saturdays 11.15-12.15

Saturdays 12.30-13.45

@ Hagabadet Älvstranden

Sculpt Fusion  
Saturdays 16.00-17.00

@ Hagabadet City – Göteborg

Slow Flow Yoga
Sundays 10.00-11.00

@ Hagabadet City – Göteborg


Viyan is an amazing teacher, giving each class a specific purpose. She makes her students feel relaxed and calm. Personally, I found her classes more challenging than other yoga classes I have tried, which I loved! Strength, stretch and a challenge for the mind. Viyan is simply the best!

Emil Nyholm
Phd. Energy Technology

I love Viyan´s personal approach, keeping one class different from the other, always coming with challenges and lessons. I also really appreciate her honesty, always being herself and clearly caring for her students. I keep learning through her classes and she has got me to crave yoga more and more.

Edita Durmo
Beauty Therapist & Raw food chef

It was my sister that asked me if I knew anyone who liked to try yoga. A couple of days later I thought why not me and I went on my first yoga lesson. I fell in love with both Viyan and yoga and kept going week after week. I just follow Viyan´s voice and end up in positions I did not know I coud do. Today I do yoga everyday and when it gets tough I can hear Viyans voice in my head guiding me. My posture is better, I feel stronger than ever before and I can not wait for my next session with Viyan.
Hanna Sara Johansson
Leg. Nurse

I miss my yoga classes with Viyan everyday! Selfishly, I keep hoping for her to return and never leave again! Every class with her was as if she could just by looking at me see I needed the most, absolutely incredible. Having this amazing ability at her young age! She and her classes always made me feel so good despite my old and tired body.
Carina Strand


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