Yoga at Work

– I bend so that I don’t break –

More and more research is proving what yogis have known for thousands of years. Yoga practice can increase our attention span, helps us stayed focused, more often reflect and act instead of just reacting.

Yoga can increase compassion, energises us mentally and physically and helps us handle stress. I dare to assume that all of these benefits are factors that any workplace would wish to nourish among the employees. Not the least as many of them have been proven to contribute to the prevention of some of the main reasons behind long sick leaves such as burnouts, anxiety and depression.

The class can be adapted to your specific needs and availabilities. It could be anything from a short hour in your office clothes at your desks to a more physical (gentle or dynamic) evening or morning class.  Reach out and we can set up a plan that will suit your needs.

Your investment

1 yoga class (max 10 people) 1000kr/h*

* Can vary depending of the location of your workplace and the length of the class.

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Yoga at Work


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