Yoga 1 on 1

Yoga 1 on 1 

Private sessions are for you if you would like to learn more about your body, how to use the different asanas to benefit it and how to apply what you get from your yoga practice in your everyday life. It is just as it sounds, a session of Yoga “only”. I can offer you a more detailed dive into pranayama and meditation and/or work on your strength or flexibility. Private sessions can also be great if you have specific physical injuries or pain that you would like to work with or maybe if you simply would like an extra luxurious yoga class for yourself or you and a friend in the privacy of your home.

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1 person private yoga class 75min
2 persons private yoga class 75min

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1 on 1 Yoga & Therapy

Yoga & Therapy is for you if there is something more of a psychological nature that you would like to move, breathe and talk through. It can be anything and everything from stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, self-esteem issues, a wish to establish and practice a healthy/ier lifestyle, implementing new everyday habits or routines… You name it! Have a look under Holistic therapy approach to read more about my take on why and how I like to combine yoga and therapy.

Your first step is to click on ‘book now’. We will then set a date for a Skype, phone or in person conversation in order to discuss any questions and thoughts that you might have as well as the intention, goal and direction for your session. After this I will gather the information you have provided and create a tailor-made session meeting your specific needs, addressing them both on an emotional and physical level.

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1 on 1 Yoga & Therapy session (90min)
* Location, number of yogis, number of classes booked may affect the final price. Price can be negotiated if your are a full time student, on sick leave or unemployed 

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