Movement Therapy

– Every violent impulse begins in a body filled with tension; every failure to reach out to someone in need begins in a body that has forgotten how to feel. There has never been a back problem or a mental problem that didn’t have a body attached to it – Donna Farhi

-Embodiment is learning to be aware of and live in our bodies as well using them as a whole system to take on what life brings along. Embodiment is connecting our mind, body and spirit, establishing and developing pathways between the three. Our brain knows when we are not in our bodies which has very real emotional and physiological consequences- being disembodied is being in an inflammatory state – Bo Forbes

More and more research is coming out pointing to embodiment as an important factor of our wellbeing and the relation between disembodiment and depression, anxiety and burn outs. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices can be a great tool to develop embodiment and at the same time avoid disembodiment. You might have already noticed that talking and thinking your way out of thought, belief and behaviour patterns can get quite tricky. This is where mindful movement, such as yoga comes in and helps us to literally rewire our brain and the central nervous system.

I believe in living life emotionally conscious, being aware and giving space to our emotions without letting them run our lives.

The therapy course I am offering is a physical yoga practice (Asana) completed with a mix of social-emotional learning theories, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and somatic stress release techniques. It is a direct and concrete way of getting into the process of knowing yourself and (re)discovering your emotions, desires, movement, thought and behavioural patterns. It aims to offer you the tools necessary to give your body a chance to catch up with your mind and your for mind to reconnect with your body. The yoga part will help you let the knowledge and insight really sink into your whole body, moving from intellectual knowledge to embodied knowledge.

Move and breath your way into feeling joyful, alive, present, awake and everyday.

Your investment*

Pay on a session by session basis
or, pay for the whole course at once at reduced price*

* Final price can be negotiated if you are a student, unemployed or on sick leave

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FLOW: A 10 weeks long movement based therapy course. We will be moving and sorting through the noise of your thoughts and emotions, rewiring your brain and central nervous system in order to find more ease and flow in your everyday life (15h -> 90 min once a week for 10 weeks).

For whom?

YOU Feeling :

  • stressed
  • anxious
  • low self-esteem
  • lost
  • out of balance
  • controlled by your thoughts and emotions
  • overwhelmed by life
  • constantly 1 step behind, chasing a break- a moment to catch your breath
  • uncertain of your role in the world & looking for a purpose in life

and most importantly, for YOU willing to put in the work necessary. There is no such thing as a quick fix if you are looking for a sustainable, long-lasting change and evolvement.

Including :

  • 10 personalised sessions addressing your specific need/s inspired by the 8 steps of MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), social emotional learning theories and somatic stress release techniques
  • 45 min yoga and pranayama practice/session. To be continued as home practice for a week in between the sessions
  • Small weekly assignments/practices
  • Literature and video recommendations

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Movement Therapy